Commercial Licensing

Commercial licensing is available to companies or individuals that do not wish to publish their source code. Commercial licenses are invoiced anually and come with NET30 terms. Each license costs $2,000 per year.

Companies that are just starting out may get a commercial license free for one year. Ask about this in the “Additional Notes” section when you fill out the form below and tell me about your use case.

If you’re interested in purchasing a commercial license, fill out this form and I’ll get back to you within one business day.

You can find the commercial license here.


Can I transfer a license?

Licenses are not transferrable. If you want to use a commercial license under a new organization, you must purchase a new license for that organization.

Can I distribute Dramatiq to my customers?

The standard commercial license does not allow for distribution. Applications that are installed on-site or that are sold to large enterprises can request an appliance license via email.

Why ask for money?

I’ve done a ton of open source work over the course of my career. Companies have used that work to generate income for themselves. Inevitably, I’ve ended up supporting that software on those companies’ behalf for free and that is not sustainable long term.

Asking for money from people who are using Dramatiq to generate income for themselves helps ensure that I’ll always have a reason to improve and support the software.