Source code for dramatiq.middleware.age_limit

from ..common import current_millis
from ..logging import get_logger
from .middleware import Middleware

[docs]class AgeLimit(Middleware): """Middleware that drops messages that have been in the queue for too long. Parameters: max_age(int): The default message age limit in millseconds. Defaults to ``None``, meaning that messages can exist indefinitely. """ def __init__(self, *, max_age=None): self.logger = get_logger(__name__, type(self)) self.max_age = None @property def actor_options(self): return {"max_age"} def before_process_message(self, broker, message): actor = broker.get_actor(message.actor_name) max_age = actor.options.get("max_age", self.max_age) if not max_age: return if current_millis() - message.message_timestamp >= max_age: self.logger.warning("Message %r has exceeded its age limit.", message.message_id) return